Alaska gray 17cm (Salt Mill)


With a resolutely modern design, this mill combines fun and vintage style with its curvy shape and round button. It boasts an out of the ordinary appearance, combining plastic and metal to produce a harmonious overall effect. In its shiny white robe, it is boldly fashionable. Its ergonomic form will delight chefs, who can use it in just one hand whilst cooking with the other. On the bottom, a light helps to see how much salt or pepper you add. It has a practical side too: the transparent container shows how full it is.


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Merk: Peugeot
Uses: Salt Mill
Colors: Grey
Sizes: 17cm
Materials: electric
Models: Alaska
Maalwerken: without u'select
Alaska gray 17cm (Pepper Mill)
Alaska gray 17cm (Salt Mill) €58.00 €49.30
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Alaska gray 17cm (Pepper Mill) €58.00