Paris Antique 22cm (Salt Mill)


Memories, memories? the charm of aged beechwood in a rare object which looks as if it might have been hunted down in the flea market. Pepper and salt mills, coffee grinders: this range offers historic items by Peugeot nearly two centuries after they were first created. These are objects which have left their mark on history, now available again for the delight of all nostalgics ? or to provide contrast on an ultra-modern table. Every mill is a unique hand-crafted piece, a fine example of true mastery of materials. A return to crafts- manship, indeed, with meticulous attention to detail. Two models ? Bistro and Paris ? in a collection which brings some great tableware classics back to life. Presented in a special box, complete with booklet.


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Merk: Peugeot
Uses: Salt Mill
Colors: Natural Wood
Sizes: 22cm
Materials: wood
Models: Paris
Maalwerken: without u'select
Paris Antique 22cm (Pepper Mill)
Paris Antique 22cm (Salt Mill) €54.00 €45.90
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Paris Antique 22cm (Pepper Mill) €54.00